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Performing lab tests to analyze your blood is often the best way to confirm a diagnosis or better understand the outlook of your overall health. Zhuping Chang, MD, in Plainsboro, New Jersey, offers lab tests for her patients. Dr. Chang uses labs to make sure you’re in good health as part of your primary care plan. She also uses them to examine your blood if you’re experiencing concerning symptoms with no evident explanation. To schedule a lab test, routine or otherwise, call the office or use the online booking tool today.

Labs Q & A

What are lab tests? 

Lab tests refer to the analysis of samples – blood, urine, or other substances – from your body to help Dr. Chang diagnose otherwise unexplainable health conditions or perform routine health evaluations. She will order lab tests when she deems necessary based on any symptoms you’re experiencing, or if it’s simply time for a regularly scheduled evaluation. 

They can also be used to: 

  • Monitor a health condition over time
  • Plan a course of treatment
  • Identify changes in your health (even if no symptoms are present)
  • Assess your body’s response to a treatment

Dr. Chang can answer any specific questions you have about the use of lab tests during in-office visits. 

How do I know if I need lab tests? 

If you’re experiencing any troubling symptoms, come in for a primary care visit with Dr. Chang. She’ll be able to determine if you need lab testing to help better understand your situation. Getting her professional opinion is always a good idea. You may not need lab tests, but let her decide. 

Do I need to prepare for my lab test? 

Different factors can affect your lab test results, including your sex, age, and race. Also, specific tests can be impacted by what you eat and drink, and any medications that you’re taking. 

Before any lab test, Dr. Chang will outline pre-test instructions so that your results will be as accurate as possible. For example, some lab tests require you not to eat beforehand. To ensure the test’s accuracy or to track a health condition or treatment, Dr. Chang may also compare your results to those of a previous test. 

When will I get my lab results? 

This depends largely on the type of lab test being performed. Before your lab test, Dr. Chang will be able to provide an accurate timetable for your lab results. 

Most tests are reported back to Dr. Chang’s office within 24-48 hours of receiving the sample. However, some tests can take several days or even a week. Dr. Chang’s office will contact you right away once your lab test results have been received. 

To find out more about how lab tests, call the office of Zhuping Chang, MD, or use the online booking tool to request an appointment with Dr. Chang today.